Germany’s hottest Dance export Zedd has taken to Billboard magazine for an interview which also covers the production of his new album. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“(…) According to Zedd, he’s “written 80 percent of the songs” for his next album. “Probably half of the songs are just piano and vocals at this point. That’s kind of the first part of the song. And then I have to start producing them. That’s what takes time because you want to make sure not everything sounds the same.”

“The most important thing is the music, and that is written for the most part,” he says.

(..) “There’s going to be a few really, really exciting collaborations that I don’t want to spoil. A lot of artists that I’ve wanted to work with for so long, and now I finally get the chance.“

The interview in full:

Looking forward for this!

(Source: Billboard)