If you’re a frequent visitor to Germany’s Youtube, you will know these words:


(English translation: „Unfortunately this video is not available in Germany because it probably includes music that doesn’t have the necessary licenses by GEMA. We’re sorry about that.“)

In the continuing conflict between video platform Youtube and songwriter union GEMA about the right amount of licensing money that should be paid to the songwriters for showing their musical work, this information heated up the discussion to threatening heights as it implied that GEMA had shut down numerous videos which the songwriter union always denied and now took to court.

With the decision made yesterday, Youtube has to take down this information on the blocked videos as they are not true. The court has stated that not GEMA, but Youtube itself blocks these videos and uses this information as an instrument to bring up the people against GEMA and push the songwriter union in a bad, public light.

The sentence is not effective at the moment. Youtube will check it in detail and think about appealing on points of law.

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(Pictures courtesy of Youtube.)