Just in case you’re living behind a rock or on the moon, you have probably missed „The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)“ by Norwegian comedians Ylvis, an incredible satire on EDM- and Pop-Dance-music mixed with a bigroom beat and insane banal lyrics about animal sounds. The video currently counts in over 120 million views (!) which means it’s growing faster than Psy’s „Gangnam Style“ video. The single has also entered the Itunes Top Ten in 13 countries.

Funny how music goes as the beat and soundtrack to this wild satire has been created by accident as has been revealed this week. Australian producer and Launchpad player M4SONIC talked to inthemix and revealed that he didn’t realize the origin of Ylvis’ beats until he actually saw the video recently.

“I was over in the US with a production duo called Stargate working with Sia and Nadia Ali,” M4SONIC said. “One of the beats that I made we kinda put to one side as it wasn’t really going anywhere. I’d totally forgotten about the track until I stumbled across The Fox video on YouTube. It turned out that Tor and Mikkel (Stargate), who are Norwegian, are friends with Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker (Ylvis). Stargate gave Ylvis a copy of the beat that we made to use for a video they were doing to launch their comedy show in Norway. I think the whole thing kinda ‘snowballed’ and was an accident on their side as well. No one really thought it would be a top 10 Billboard track!

I literally had no idea that the track I’d left in the US was being used. I got in touch with Stargate and my publisher SonyATV and they negotiated a royalties deal on my behalf. It was all last minute as I don’t think anyone expected the video to go viral.”

Check it out for yourself:

Source: inthemix

What do you think? Do you like „The Fox“?