So, as you all know, Magic!’s summer tune „Rude“ received a brilliant Zedd Remix a while ago. News today is that the remix has now received a video. After watching the 4 minutes clip, I asked myself some serious questions that I want to share with you:

1) Why is this video nothing more than a 4 minute long Absolute Vodka commercial? We all read the news this week of how much money our superstar DJs make with soda commercials and collaborations, but please leave the commercials as commercials and don’t disguise them as videos.

2) Why is the remixer the star of this video? Zedd hasn’t written or created this record, he only remixed it, but is presented in this video as he was the main artist. I don’t get that…

The rest of the video is fine with beautiful young and hip people raving with loads of alcohol.

See it here:

Please let me include the original Magic! Video here so that you can see what a useful video is:

What do you think about it?