We already had a great video last year with Pharrell Williams’ groundbreaking 24 hour clip for „Happy“ which you could tune in at every time of the day and see Pharrell or his mates singing and dancing to the infectious tune. This new one here is definitely also a nice idea and whether you like or don’t like the music or the images, it’s an amazing piece of art and work.

The video for Isaac Delusion’s „Pandora’s Box“ changes everytime you see it. It never shows the same images or combination of pictures. According to The Creator’s Project, there are about 600 clips to be randomly generated from the public-domain Prelinger Archives, but always cohesive to the music.

Head over here to see the video. And see it again. And see it again.

Isaac Delusion – „Pandora’s Box“

While this will not replace the ordinary well-cut and filmed video clip, it’s an interesting idea. What do you think about it?