I think we can all agree about the importance of Ultra Music Festival. The event taking place in Miami’s Downtown area has a worldwide reputation and gains more and more international attention with each year, not to forget attracting hundredthousands of (paying) party guests, online recipients, music maniacs, producers and DJs from all over the world. As an artist: if you make it to Ultra, you’re in the major league of the business. But with a view on the situation that has evolved around the festival and the city of Miami, the question is how long this will last…

What you see below is the latest development in the conflict between Miami officials like Marc Sarnoff and the Ultra Music Festival representatives: a video compilation of the worst behavior at Ultra over the past two years, put together by Sarnoff who seems to be on a mission to get Ultra Music Festival out of Miami.

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The debate about security issues such as wrong fencing, the trampling of security guard Erica Mack (who is still in critical condition) and several other faults in the comprehensive Ultra security planning has reached an angry level between organizers and city representatives. The festival’s future (and that already means the 2015 edition) does not seem safe at the moment. April 10th sees another commission meeting where decisions are made. More news to come.

In the meantime, the fanbase is not waiting for local authorities to decide and started an official petition to keep Ultra in Miami. You can head over and sign here!

On a personal note: it’s hard for me to see whether this is a hate campaign against the festival or a serious debate about security issues. But what Europeans have learned from the Loveparade desaster is that security planning for an event like this is a major issue and should be taken extremely seriously. Especially when you already have a security guard hospitalized after a stampede. What do you think about this?

(Video source: Local10.com)