Soundcloud is more and more getting into trouble. From shutting down notable accounts due to the ongoing copyright violations on the site, developing a sustainable business model for the artists and negotiating with the major companies about a licensing deal to continue including songs from the major catalogues, it seems that everyone is grumbling on the company’s attitude and business changes.

And things continue to get even more grim for the Berlin-based company. According to the Financial Times, previous negotiations with the big three (Universal, Sony and Warner) have halted due to the lackluster terms of Soundcloud’s proposal to license their music. According to people close to the talks, Universal is no longer actively negotiating with Soundcloud.

Soundcloud has obviously taken steps to secure the rights of the music owners and tries to control its service, but users are still uploading „12 hours of audio per minute“ which has become a massively growing catalogue of free available music. As a result, the major companies have become more and more frustrated by Soundcloud’s inability to deliver the artists’ money and backed out of the negotiations.

Will this be the end of Soundcloud in the near future?

(Source: Financial Times)