Only a few weeks to go until TomorrowWorld hits the US once again. The festival is heating up anticipation with its „Artist Of TomorrowWorld“ series that you can check out here and has now unveiled the 2014 trailer that discloses the theme and main stage of the event. Amidst the mystical landscapes and fantastical stages that are casted upon the grounds, the festival has announced that its theme is “The Arising of Life.”

The stage includes a giant vulcano to represent the center of the world, the left side of the stage represents the expansion of life on earth, and the right side represents organic life on earth symbolized with plants and a grand waterfall. It was the largest stage ever created in the festival world on its debut in Belgium a year ago at Tomorrowland. Now it has made its way across the ocean to the US to end festival season. It will take at least 15 days for a team of engineers to construct it once on the grounds.




Will you go there?