If you’re afraid that DJs like Tiesto or Avicii don’t bring in enough money from DJing or producing (irony intended…), don’t worry too long as the guys are heavily supported by the soda industry. Billboard reports today how much musicians are making with companies like 7-Up or Coca Cola in their article “The Biz of Fizz: How Artists From Taylor Swift to Tiesto Have Raked in Millions With Soda Deals in 2014″.

The no. 1 position is held by superstar Tiesto who brought in approximately US$ 30 million from his deal with 7-Up. Billboard reports:

„In 2014, 7UP doubled down on its lucky number by linking with Tiesto, Ultra, Insomniac and others for its 7x7Up initiative: seven top festivals, seven rising DJs (Danny Avila, Disco Fries, Dzeko & Torres), a few Tiesto TV spots and a release party for his new album.“

Followed by Taylor Swift, Avicii takes the no. 3 position with about US$ 20 million for his track with Wyclef Jean which we reported on yesterday.

Check out the full list here.

Impressive numbers, if you ask me! What do you think about it?

(Source: Billboard)