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Hardstyle news: Revealed Recordings presents The Hardstyle Remixes EP

Hardstyle is going big these days with an incredibly increasing fanbase in the US and loads of plays in DJ sets by Tiesto, Hardwell etc. Revealed ...
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Dyro feat. Ryder – „Calling Out“ (preview)

Dyro has just announced his latest record that will be -you guessed it- released on Revealed Recordings, the label of friend and mentor Hardwell. ...
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Hardwell launch website „Hardwell Radio“

With a new website called „Hardwell Radio“, the Dutch DJ and producer makes it easier for you to enjoy his music and the tracks he likes. Made ...
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Dyro teases „Black Smoke“

Revealed Recordings has a homerun at the moment with almost every release going to the No. 1 spot or Top Ten in the Beatport charts. The next ...
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Sandro Silva previews the follow-up to „Epic“ called „Payback“

„Epic“ by Sandro Silva & Quintino was a remarkable record! It managed to mix new school Trance / Electro House with classic beats & ...
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