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Podcast – Episode #010 (Sean Finn)

Sean Finn is a frequent guest in the international DJ-sets and -charts. Besides very successful solo singles like "Show Me Love 2K12" or "Such A ...
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Podcast – Episode #009 (Empyre One)

Over the past years Empyre One has become one of Germany's most successful Hands Up producers. His unique productions like "Moonlight Shadow", ...
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Podcast – Episode #008 (Picco)

Welcome to one of Germany’s most successful commercial House-acts: PICCO adds amazing singles like „Venga“, „La Maquina“, „Yeke Yeke“ ...
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Podcast – Episode #007 (Rockstroh)

Being a regular visitor of the German sales charts, Rockstroh is one of the busiest House-producers in Germany with an amazing discography and a ...
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Podcast – Episode #006 (Giorno aka G!)

Since his first release "Pretending Happiness" and the wellknown G!-series to his latest single "The Feeling", Giorno has been delivering state-o...
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Podcast – Episode #005 (Rob & Chris)

German-based producers Rob & Chris are surely two of the most likable artists of this country. Their brilliant music videos and video diaries ...
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Podcast – Episode #004 (Cueboy & Tribune)

With their first single "Breathless" and their next release "Everything About You", Cueboy & Tribune prove to be one of Germany's upcoming ...
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Podcast – Episode #003 (Michael Mind Project)

Without a doubt: MICHAEL MIND PROJECT is one of Germany's most successful House-projects with loads of international sales charts hits like ...
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Podcast – Episode #002 (Jens O.)

After his sensational live gig at the Easter Rave in Germany last weekend, Jens O. delivers the goods with his latest headbanging podcast for WE ...
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Podcast – Episode #001 (Cc.K meets Scoon & Delore)

Cc.K and his mates Scoon & Delore definitely bring fresh air to the international Hands-Up-scene: singles like "Not Gonna Save The World" or ...
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