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Eric Prydz presents Live @ Madison Square Garden 2014 (Epic 3.0)

We got a special for you today as we present Eric Prydz’ full live show „Epic 3.0“ from Madison Square Garden. Prepare for 3 hours of ...
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Eric Prydz releases two new free downloads

With posting his 10,000th tweet, Swedish House star Eric Prydz decided to celebrate the „event“ by giving away two singles as free downloads. ...
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Eric Prydz teases new Pryda EP

Eric Prydz has broken silence on his much rumored new Pryda EP and gave some official details on Facebook a few hours ago. Calling the status of ...
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Eric Prydz presents Epic Radio 013

Swedish House protagonist Eric Prydz delivers new music with his latest podcast Epic Radio 013. Check out 1 hour of the best in House music!
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Take a break with the video for Eric Prydz’s „Liberate“

The elegant house anthem „Liberate“ by Swedish House star Eric Prydz is a nice, very catchy tune that feels like a great counterpole to the ...
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It’s time for a „Coffee Run!“ with Eric Prydz

What did Deamau5 do in Miami? It seems he was off getting coffee with his colleagues all the time! Check the amount of „Coffee videos“ popping ...
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Eric Prydz shares preview of „Liberate“

House music frontman Eric Prydz and his label Pryda delivered several great tracks in the past, all of them with elegant style and recognizable, ...
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The latest Deadmau5 news

Well, I’m honest: I skipped some of the last Deadmau5 news. Screw me, but I’m focussing more on real MUSIC news than reporting on Deadmau5 ...
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Check out the BBC 1 Essential Mix by Eric Prydz

Ready for good music? Well, here we go: Eric Prydz once again delivered the Essential Mix for BBC’s Radio 1. Being aired on February 2nd, this ...
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Eric Prydz finally delivers „F.A.T.“

Eric Prydz finally finished his „Epic 2.0“ tour and announced the track „Lycka“ from his new E.P. a few days ago. As you may know, „Lyc...
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