On a personal note: Steve Aoki is one of the biggest social media guys in Dance music history for me. There’s almost no day without any news from the cake-throwing DJ. And it’s not just the average smalltalking, there’s serious stuff coming all the way. I mean we all have only 24 hours a day, so how’s he doing that??? Interesting question…

In a press conference yesterday, Mr. Aoki had -again- several announcements to make. Check this out:

„Neon Future“, one of his main projects that he developed in the past months and which first appeared to be another Aoki-EP, is something bigger than that: it will be a DOUBLE ALBUM with „Neon Future I“ being released August 12th and „Neon Future II“ coming up early 2015. Both parts of the album will be released through Dim Mak and Ultra music.

One of the singles of the double album is „Rage The Night Away“ featuring Waka Flocka Flame which is in stores today. Check it out::

You can buy the single here.

Steve Aoki also announced a very special concert as he will play at New York’s highly acclaimed Madison Square Garden. The world-famous venue has held performances from only the biggest names in dance music lately, and Steve Aoki joins the ranks of the elites as tickets go on sale May 9th for the August 16th performance.

Great news?