You know, I’m in this business for quiet some time now, but I seriously have to admit that I don’t know how to party. We all don’t know how to party. But the Stafford Brothers know!

As reported by TMZ this week, Australia’s biggest DJs Stafford Brothers were hit with a lawsuit filed against them by the owners of a rented LA appartment.  The owners claim that the Australian stars threw a lot of parties in that appartment „leaving it in shambles“ (as TMZ states). The parties also involved a shooting of their music video „Hello“ (see below) that included a Kangaroo! Yes, you read right, a Kangaroo. So the claims include:

- “Illegal” service of alcohol
– Pouring liquid nitrogen in the house
– Installing a skate ramp

(AAAAND –you guessed it)

- Allowing a LIVE KANGAROO to roam the house

The Stafford Brothers are sued for approx. US$140.000 !

This news made my day! Seriously!