Soundcloud has gone through a lot of trouble lately. Fighting against the ongoing copyright infringements on their site, taking down the sites of well-established artists, server and functionality problems, the Berlin-based company still tries to find a solution how to bring in the money for the artists and labels.

As Wall Street Journal reports today, Soundcloud has now finalized a deal with Warner Music with royalties going to Warner, even for mashups. As part of the agreement, SoundCloud will begin offering a premium subscription to users in the first half of 2015. Along with their “On SoundCloud” service, the company has begun rolling out massive updates that serve to create cashflow within the site and now with the labels as well.

This comes in a bit as a surprise as Universal left the table and wasn’t interested in negotiations anymore at the beginning of October.

What do you think? Still enthusiasted about Soundcloud?

(Source: Wall Street Journal)