In the ongoing debate about copyright violations on Soundcloud, news page Bloomberg reports that the Berlin-based music service is currently working on a deal with Sony, Warner and Universal. In exchange for licenses to continue playing songs from the major labels and avoid serious legal disputes, Soundcloud is offering 3 to 5 percent stake in the company to each record label with additional percentage on future revenues. This looks similar to agreements the labels have made with Spotify or Beats Music.

So while this means that unofficial remixes, bootlegs, mashups etc. more and more become a thing of the past on Soundcloud, it could guarantee that labels are uploading their entire catalogue on the page.

Stay tuned for further news.

In other related news, the new website offers a simple solution to the copyright war: it provides a large list of musicians that are signed to labels who are known for taking actions against copyright violators. simply recommends not sampling from them. Head over here for the full list.

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