We recently reported about Berlin-based music service Soundcloud being in serious licensing discussions with major labels and publishers. The fact that Soundcloud is working under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (meaning immunity is granted to sites with third-party content uploaded by users) lead to an unlimited and constantly growing amount of bootlegs, mashups, mixes and more. To avoid being flooded with takedown demands from the industry, Soundcloud has been starting the discussions about copyright infringement.

It seems that first consequences of these talks are already being made. Several artists reported via their social media about being confronted with takedown mails or copyright infringement on their Soundcloud channel, even if the track in question is their own. The most prominent one is US Dance star Kaskade who has been bombarded with more then 30 messages by Soundcloud about his material on their page. Almost 70% of Kaskade’s music is off his account.

Kaskade is about to start his own service (similar to Deadmau5’ website).

Is this the beginning of the end of Soundcloud’s popularity?

(Source: Twitter)