We were just as speechless as you will be when we read the news. Mixmag reported on a new invented sound system which you can see here…


…that is so loud it can kill you! Yes, you read right. Located at an Acoustic Facility in the Netherlands and built by the European Space Agency as part of several spaceflight facilities, this device can produce 154 decibels which means several jet planes taking off while you’re standing next to it. If in full gear, no ear plugs can limit the damage. It can in fact kill you.

Check out the safety features: „(It) can operate only once all the doors are closed. Steel-reinforced concrete walls safely contain its noise, coated with epoxy resin to reflect noise to produce a uniform sound field within the chamber. The chamber itself is supported on rubber bearing pads to isolate it from its surroundings.“

Source: Mixmag & ESA

Crazy stuff, if you ask me! What do you think? Wanna have a listen???