Scooter is a legend! Yes, it is: HP Baxter, Rick Jordan, Jens Thele and the changing 4th person have made music history several times with their powerful, energetic sound. To celebrate their 20 years of banging Scooter sound, the group has started their national tour yesterday. Sad news that it will also be Rick’s last appearance for Scooter as he will separate from the group and check out solo projects.


With the first gig yesterday in Lingen, here’s the rest of the schedule:
07.01.2014 — Lingen
09.01.2014 — Hannover
10.01.2014 — Leipzig
11.01.2014 — Berlin
16.01.2014 — München
17.01.2014 — Stuttgart
18.01.2014 — Düsseldorf
19.01.2014 — Bremen
21.01.2014 — Frankfurt
23.01.2014 — Dortmund
24.01.2014 — Hamburg

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