„Blurred Lines“ by Robin Thicke, T.I. & Pharrell Williams is without a doubt one of THE worldwide summer hits of 2013, but it seems that it not only brings fame to the artists, but also a lot of trouble. A lawsuit is now filed up by the family of Soul legend Marvin Gaye complaining that „Blurred Lines“ is stolen from Marvin Gaye’s single „Got To Give Up“. The legal fight between Thicke & partners and the Gaye-family is heating up for some time now: Marvin Gaye’s son attacked Thicke to copy parts and the overall feeling of his single from „Got To Give Up“. Thicke answered this in August when he, Pharrell Williams and Clifford Harris Jr. went to court for protecting „Blurred Lines“ from allegations that it was stolen from Gaye’s record. The argument is that „being reminiscent of a ‚sound’ is not copyright infringement“.

Here it for yourself:

Robin Thicke

Marvin Gaye – Got To Give Up

Source: Billboard

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