If you’re a frequent reader of WE ARE DANCE, you probably recognized that we’re big fans of Swedish House Mafia’s first documentary „Take One“. It seemed like a groundbreaking experience at the time it popped up in our musical universe with it’s breathtaking visuals, the hard edits and cuts, the music and especially the depiction of three dominant and not always nice guys forming a group together. „Take One“ has influenced electronic Dance music until today: look at style and editing of most of today’s music videos, aftershow movies, trailers, whatever and you always have to think about where you saw it first! „Take One“ has influenced the way we SEE Dance music. So when I finally got hold of „Leave The World Behind“, my anticipation was high, very high which is a bad thing to watch it. Don’t expect too much and you will not get disappointed.


At first: „Leave The World Behind“ is a different kind of documentary than „Take One“ storywise. Where „Take One“’s structure was about presenting the attitudes, problems, the magic and energy that built SHM, „Leave The Word Behind“ follows a real story and a simple question that you have to ask yourself already minutes after you started watching: why did these longtime friends and “living the same attitude”-buddies split up at the highest point of their careers? Following Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello over their 50 last SHM gigs, the answers come in slowly and inevitably. It’s an experienc that the viewer has to go with and by the time the end credits roll, everybody will understand and welcome the decision these guys made. It’s a human story and it happens to people everywhere everyday in the world and you have to have respect for deciding that way. „Leave The World Behind“ has -apart of all the breathtaking noise it makes- a very human core which makes it a great movie to watch and feel with.


It also features loads and loads of eye candy. Following their tour over the world, it’s amazing how director Christian Larson catches the atmosphere of the different countries, the people, the cultural characteristics and more with great pictures. Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello move through it all like a storm, crashing in with their powerful music, leaving fans breathless. Perfect shots accompany the big industry mechansim that Swedish House Mafia has become, showing all sides of a stardom life, the parties, the travelling, the hotels, the preparations and more in amazing visuals.

On a technical side, the documentary is almost perfect. Especially the editing is absolutely on point creating great moments of energy, of silence, of hilarious scenes that makes you laugh your ass off, of sadness. You have it all in there in good balance, cutted perfectly and giving you goosebumps all the way.


Director Christian Larson has done it again and I can only recommend everybody to see this documtenary right away. This is an amazing picture and serves excellent as the legacy of the world’s biggest Dance group to date, as the story of three indiviual artists that somehow happened to be a group, as the current state of the art in Dance music and Dance videos. Well done!

You can purchase Swedish House Mafia’s „Leave The World Behind“ at iTunes!

Did you see it? What do you think of it?

(Pictures courtesy of Swedish House Mafia Holdings / Virgin records)