The US debut ot Tomorrowland’s „little sister“ TomorrowWorld has been an undeniable success, but not only brought in hard dollars for the Georgia area (reportedly US$85 million), but also loads of noise complaints from the local residents. Especially the Hardstyle/Hardcore Q-Dance stage has been in the focus of several appeals. Which may end now.

At a meeting with the community on May 31st, TomorrowWorld representative Barbara Bouckaert announced that due to noise complaints the Q-Dance stage will no longer be part of TomorrowWorld and the location where the stage existed will remain empty. She explained that it does not mean there will be “one stage less,” but any new stage will be further away and not the same kind of “Hardcore music”.

Check out this live cut of the meeting.

Kids, that happens when you play too loud! I told you! (Just kidding here…)