Good news for Dance producers these days: Image-Line, the company behind the very popular FL Studio, has announced a Mac OS X release of the famed producing software. FL Studio has always been a Windows-only application, even though Mac computers are a popular choice for music producers. Users that wanted FL Studio on their Macs had to find workarounds such as Bootcamp or a Windows version that was “wrapped” for use on OS X.

This will change with version 12 as Image-Line revealed in a statement on their support page:

„Well, the plugin testing is progressing nicely, and so the team has turned their attention to FL Studio 12 itself. It’s a long and slow process and we can’t make any promises yet, since we may come across unexpected and or unsolvable technical problems. But work is indeed under way.“

FL Studio 12 will be released „sometime in 2015“.

Here’s the full statement of Image-Line.

Do you use FL? Are you excited for a Mac version?

(Source: Image-Line)