Yes, you read right: an EDM musical! As Rolling Stone reports, Jane’s Addiciton frontman Perry Farrell and French DJ and producer Joachim Garraud are currently developing a musical called „Kind Heaven“, set in the world of and including music from the EDM-scene. Here are the details:

„Set in southern Thailand, Kind Heaven is, in Farrell’s words, “a love story with a very modern scenario.” In a plot set amidst the country’s sex and drug trades, the Thai government brings in soldiers to restore order and subdue insurgents, and the story shifts to a romance between one of the soldiers and a female worker in the region. Together, they retreat to “Kind Heaven,” a Buddhist monastery. “That’s where they bring the civilians they want to take out of town, and the military holds up and protects the monastery,” Farrell says. “It’s completely fictional, but I wouldn’t doubt it for a minute.”

Perry is working on a Las Vegas deal for the show (where else???).

Source: Rolling Stone

On a personal note: I lost interest at “Set in southern Thailand…”! Lame!!!!! What do you think about this? Would you visit it?