The news broke on the internet this weekend like a „Tsunami“: EDM culture blog posted leaked photos of a contract between Maarten Vorwerk (former Jeckyll & Hyde) and DVBBS manager Josh Herman, speculating Maarten Vorwerk as ghost producer of both very successful singles „Tsunami“ and „Stampede“ by DVBBS & Borgeous. The contract photos show the sale of two “master demos” by Maarten Vorwerk to Josh Herman for 30,000 Euro, or 15,000 Euro per track.


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After the internet flooded with reports, discussions and statements on this delicate „evidence“, the protagonists went on record to claim that this contract and photos are fake. Josh Herman turned to Magnetic to comment that the complete deal, even his signature is faked. YourEDM reports that DVBBS as well as Borgeous have never spoken to Vorwerk. Maarten Vorwerk himself took to Twitter to reject the authenticity of this contract.

Whatever is right: it shows that the authenticity of an artist is still very important and that fans want to go on believing in their favorite artists and their work. And this makes it a delicate topic that even superstars like Hardwell are commenting on.

What do you think? Do you care about the topic „Ghost production“ or not?