Maybe you haven’t heard of „Timber“ yet, the Pitbull / Ke$ha collaboration that held top charts positions almost everywhere in the world for months. That would be the case if you live under rock, I would say. The massively successful single is still a regular play on radio stations and commercial clubs with its signature harmonica melody.

As Digital Music News reports today, Pitbull has now been confronted with a US3$ million lawsuit about exactly this harmonica part. Several songwriters accuse the US rapper for ripping of their 1978 song „San Francisco Bay“.

Hear it for yourself:

The interesting thing is that the artist of “San Francisco Bay”, Lee Oskar, is credited as one of the writers of “Timber”, so the artist who provided the harmonica part seems to be involved in Pitbull’s version. But maybe the wrong people are paid here?

More infos soon!

(Source: Digital Music News)