Nicky Romero took the time during his Miami stay for an interview with Fuse.TV. While the whole show is not that impressive at all (see Nicky in a car or in a gym… sigh…), it includes a part with his opinion on the so-called „ghost productions“ that pop up here and there in the news industry. Now, what makes this thing interesting ist he fact that a guy who ghost-produced himself (for David Guetta, Britney Spears or Rihanna as he admitted himself) is condemning it. The difference that Romero makes is that he doesn’t like „purchasing“ a whole track, kinda like „I give you the money, give me a song like this!“. Quoting:

„There are rich dads in this world that just pay for their sons and pay producers tons of money to have music out there and make them a big artist. But an artist is created by creativity and originality and discipline. It is not created by money.”

See the complete interview here:

Now what do you think about this?

(Source: Fuse.TV)