Our favorite Mau5 took to the Edmont Journal regarding his latest Juno Awards nomination and a) commented on his nomination (“You know when they get (Dutch producer) Armin (van Buuren) and his boy in, it’s like the scene needs help here.”) , b) commented again on Justin Bieber (“idiot”) and c) giving some rare news on his forthcoming album. Here’s where it really gets interesting: the album will finally be out sometime in March 2014 and (as reported) will feature 2 discs and 25 tracks in 2 continuous mixes. Deadmau5 also uploaded 4 new tracks of the album on his subscription site live.deadmau5.com. The tracks are called „71C“, „72C“, „Petting Zoo“ and „Heavy Petting Zoo“ and come off like a wild mixture including rock elements, funky basslines and animal sounds.

In the meantime, he also tuned his Ferrari! Just mentioning…


(Source: Edmont Journal. Picture courtesy of Deadmau5.)