„Pullover“ is maybe one of the biggest classic tracks of modern Dance music. The original is stunningly 23 (!) years old and heavily influenced the first Techno wave that swapped over Europe at the beginning of the 90ies. What makes this track so remarkable is the simple, pitched melody that didn’t change much, but producer Jochem Paap threw in all kinds of different kicks and percussions which made it so groundbreaking, Detroit-like and minimal at that time.

Well, there’s not much left of this feeling with Mightyfools & Niels van Gogh’s re-work that will be out March 17th on Sander van Doorn’s Doorn Records. The new version combines the classic melody with today’s festival sound which results in a great transition for our ears, but lacks the edgy feel of the original.

In any way: this is a good one and definitely a great new single from Germany’s House maniac Niels van Gogh.

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