After leaving his ‚permanently used hobby’ Twitter, Deadmau5 announced on Facebook that he will also change his participation on Soundcloud. The artist is about to launch a private subscription music site that you „can enjoy with no spam, just unadulterated music and live streams and access to pretty much everything I have on the go“. The Mau5 also turned to reddit this weekend to explain more about the concept:

„Q: Why should i sign up for this shit? A: Well, first and foremost… music. Lots of music. its what i do. and ill be doing it live from the studio, as frequently as possible, and you can join in on the process.“


„Q: So whats wrong with twitter and soundcloud then? A: Nothing really, i just find it too “noisy”. Having been to the bottom of the internet and back a few times, i feel less and less connected to my fans, and more connected to hating on shit i have nothing to do with. It’s quite unfair really, especially for the fans and supporters. Nobody wins.“


„One other thing: im not taking any bullshit sponsor money for this. this will be our little baby. NO ADS / Spam or bullshit. ever. it will be a CLOSED SYSTEM. horray!“

Source: reddit

Stay tuned for more infos on this new project!