Billboard magazine managed to get a nice interview with Martin Garrix alongside his Tomorrowland appearance. The interview is a good one and shows the effect that the sudden rise to stardome has on his personal life:

„Last time I was here, I was part of the crowd, (…) I was watching other DJs with my friends and I wasn’t even old enough to be in here. This year I’m getting booked as an artist on the main stage. It’s crazy. It’s hard to realize how much has happened in just a single year.“

Musicalwise, Garrix admits that he’s working on side projects nobody knows about. And adds that he’s really tired of talking about his mega-hit „Animals“ or playing it:

„I’m bored of playing it out, (…) but I still have to play it because people come to my shows because of that track. I got so many tracks besides ‘Animals’ and of course every DJ gets tired of playing his own tracks if he plays it so much. I worked on ‘Animals,’ and every interview I do is about ‘Animals.’ I’m super thankful for how much that track has done for me, but I’m just super excited about the other stuff coming out.“

Head over to Billboard for the entire interview. It’s worth it!

(Source: Billboard)