Loveparade-Chef  Rainer Schaller im Interview

It’s been three years since the Loveparade disaster and there’s still no action taken against the Loveparade organisation, the city of Duisburg, the police or anybody involved in the tragic events of July 2010. The files of the inquiry include more than 32000 pages with detailed description of the events and bad decisions that led to the death of 21 people and the injuries of hundreds of ravers from all over the world. The office of Public Prosecution in Duisburg announced that the charge is finally ready and will be reviewed in Düsseldorf, but the main thing is that neither Loveparade organizer Schaller nor the former mayor of Duisburg Sauerland are the targets of the charge.

That will probably change: lawyer Schönhoff from Bochum (who represents about 30 clients) tries to sue Schaller personally for his participation in the disaster. The lawsuit will be filed within the end of this year, right in time before first possible claims are barred.

„Most of the casualties involved have lots of problems with themselves“, Schönhoff says. „It’s a slap in the face that they didn’t receive any proper compensation until now. They don’t see any persepctive.“ The disaster has hit them hard on a psychological level and took their means of existence. „It’s an attempt to restore justice.“

Source: Spiegel

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