Well, I’m honest: I skipped some of the last Deadmau5 news. Screw me, but I’m focussing more on real MUSIC news than reporting on Deadmau5 bashing Hardstyle producers, trolling the internet, posting pictures of his car, closing his Twitter account, re-opening his Twitter account or lamenting on his Miami audience. And therefore I’m happy to announce some real music news of the Canadian producer today:

1) First of Eric Prydz uploaded a great picture to Facebook, announcing a collaboration of his label Pryda with the Mau5trap imprint. Starting March 27th, we’re really curious about what will happen (at Miami Music Conference???)


(Source: Facebook)

2) Mixmag has released a spectacular trailer for an upcoming London show this summer. Entiteld „Deadmau5 encounters“, the video is stunning, leaving you without any information about the show, but great anticipation for it. Have a look:

(Source: Mixmag)

3) With testpilot – „Sunspot (White Space Conflict)“, Joel Zimmerman has released a Techno track on Richie Hawtin’s highly acclaimed Plus 8 label. With a nice technoid groove and build-up, the track feels just right on this label. As the label owner states:

“It’s been nearly 1.5 years since the last PLUS 8 record, but it seemed fitting that this record in particular, made by a skinny white kid from Canada, became part of the labels collection and history.”

(Source: Beatport)