News coming in this morning about a new lawsuit on the horizon, this time for Dance combo Krewella. The very successful US band consists of sisters Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf and Kris Trindl who have been skyrocketed to stardome over the past years with several great singles and a stunning album.

The lawsuit comes from Kris Trindl against his own band members. He basically sues the Yousaf sisters for at least $5 million for kicking him out of the group. As TMZ reports, Trindl was one of the founding members of the group back in 2010 and claims that the girls now want to change the group onto a duo and came a with a „lame“ reason for this that he acted too depressed after his alcohol rehabiliation.

Trindl v. Yousaf, Et Al

As every story has two sides, the Yousaf sisters took to Facebook this morning to fire back against the lawsuit and the exploding internet comments:

“To our krew:

We woke up this morning to the lawsuit Kris filed against us. As you all know, there are two sides to every story. We ask our fans to please be patient and not come to any conclusions until we are able to respond to the lawsuit with the truth. Our team has advised that we don’t get into any specifics until we can properly respond to the false claims made—most importantly being that we did not kick Kris out of Krewella, he resigned. We’re having a really difficult time today. As we write this letter to you, we are in the studio working on the second album. Please hang in there with us, the truth will eventually come out. Thank you for being so supportive, we love you guys.

Love, Y & J”

More news to come for sure…

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(Source: TMZ / Facebook)