Ladies & gentlemen: this is music history! EDM, House, Electro, Dance, Trance etc.: it all wouldn’t be there without the pioneering work and art of Kraftwerk, the genre-defining German musical legend. They influenced generations with their idea and execution of repetitive, electronical sound. Tracks like “Mensch-Maschine” or “Trans Europa Express” were produced long before there was Acid House or even the wild sample orgies of Coldcut or M/A/R/R/S from the mid-80s.

The legend is back: Kraftwerk announced 8 concerts at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, each concert highlighting one of their 8 studio albums. The dates are:

03/18/2104 – Performing Autobahn (early show)
03/18/2014 – Performing Radio-Activity (late show)
03/19/2014 – Performing Trans Europe Express (early show)
03/19/2014 – Performing The Man-Machine (late show)
03/20/2014 – Performing Computer World (early show)
03/20/2014 – Performing Techno Pop (late show)
03/21/2014 – Performing The Mix (early show)
03/21/2014 – Performing Tour de France (late show)

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