If you’ve checked Shazam’s charts in the past weeks, you may have stumbled on a track called „Hideaway“ by singer Kiesza that dominates the tag charts in several countries and areas of the world. It also appears on high positions in the UK sales charts, currently sitting at No. 3 (after losing one place since last week). And maybe you’ve also seen that amazing video with the trained ballerina dancing along the streets of New York City, a video that was shot in one take and reminds you of classic video approaches like Massive Attack’s „Unfinished Sympathy“. Well, it’s all the same song and it is an instant hit.

Kiesza Barrels is a singer from Calgary, Canada, and also an in-demand songwriter for acts across the globe, puts together her own stunning artwork, is a trained ballerina and a former tall-ship sailor who the Army once attempted to train as a sniper. The track „Hideaway“ is her first solo-single and appeared in January 2014 on the small independent label Lokal Legend. The single is a very deep and captivating track that fits perfectly to the current Deep House style that radios like to play. But the real power comes from the video that fascinates on various levels and got people’s attention immediately. As Kiesza told Rolling Stone Magazine: “I had less than three days to learn five completely new dance styles. Almost everyone told me that we couldn’t do it. Then to top things off, on the day of the shoot, I broke a rib. I did the video in two takes and couldn’t move for an entire month afterward, but I pulled it off.” Have a look:

This will be a definite (and serious) hit for the weeks to come. You can buy „Hideaway” here! Have a look at Kiesza on Facebook!

Damn, I love that 90ies bass line! What about you?

(Quote source: Rolling Stone)