The headline says it all: there’s just no year since the original release of Robin S.’ „Show Me Love“ in 1994 that hasn’t seen at least 2-3 coverversions of this classic track. With works from Jason DeRulo to DJ Antoine, Michael Mind Project, Sean Finn and whoever else, this is probably the most covered, bootlegged or copied single in Dance history (apart from Robert Miles’ „Children“). Seriously, time to get new ideas, mates… (*sigh*)

So let me introduce you to the latest ‘new’ version of “Show Me Love“, this time by UK’s House export Clean Bandit who surprised in 2014 with their unique „Rather Be“ tune. They teamed up with singer / songwriter Elisabeth Troy for this new release which is… let me describe it like this: trying to add something new, but doesn’t really add anything. It’s the same organ, the same structure, the same feeling, similar vocals, but not quite as good as the soulful voice of Robin S., and the signature „Rather Be“ strings.

Have a listen:

„Show Me Love“ is part of the Special Edition of Clean Bandit’s longplayer „New Eyes“ and will be released on November 24th.

OK, so where’s the ‘new’ „Children“ now?