Heineken & Armin van Buuren join forces with a new “Dance More, Drink Less”-campaign that features a strange experiment. The Dutch superstar and Netherland’s legendary beer brand cooperate on showing that a DJ can influence the clubber’s drinking behaviour. Here’s the situation: take one club with the same amount of people and the same observing time over two nights. The only thing that changes is the DJ: first night has a “bad” DJ, second night plays “good” DJ Armin van Buuren in disguise. With a look at the drinks sold over the observing time of both nights, the result is: good DJs who play good music make people dance more and drink less. Now, that’s revolutionary, isn’t it???

See the experiment for yourself:

To be honest: this looks like a strange marketing campaign to me. Nothing new on this side as everybody who keeps up with nightlife only a bit knows how DJs DO influence people every night…

To make this „experiment“ complete, here’s the single that comes out of it. Armin van Buuren’s „Save My Night“ is the soundtrack to the Heineken collaboration.

Stupid or cool idea?