As first reported, Spinnin’ Records, one of the world’s leading independent Dance labels, has asked search engine Google to take down several Twitter pages of top artists like Afrojack, 4 Strings, Vato Gonzalez and even its own Twitter account. What comes in as a strange kind of self-censorship is definitely a consequence of the endless amounts of copyright infringements throughout the net: companies like Topple Tracks are assigned by the record companies to check these infringements and send out takedown notices to Google. It seems that these numerous daily notices are automated and not accurate all the time as the copyright holders don’t check the infringements constantly and -as describes- „questionable takedown requests are quite common“. As it is in this case: Topple Tracks released an official statement mentioning that these takedown requests are not coming from Spinnin’ Records itself, but from „the fault of a system error“, also mentioning that

„We are guilty, plain and simple. We did some database updates that day and 5 sites we normally have on our ‘white list’ got marked on our black list and URLs were reported in error.“

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