You definitely know the situation at a concert: with loads of cell phones around you and everyone trying to send a message, the connection gets worse, often breaks down completely. And as music festivals have surged in popularity, their organizers still struggle to offer suitable Wi-Fi and cell service for festival goers and employees alike.

The solution seems to be here: San Francisco-based company Open Garden has created Firechat, a message app that allows user to send and receive messages by using a “mesh network” of smartphones connected via Bluetooth and WI-Fi capacities, completely without any internet connection or cell service. Mesh networks permit the sender’s message to hit the receiver’s phone by passing through nearby devices. That means Firechat works best with a large volume of devices.

The app has gained much attention in Hong Kong during the government protests and in Mexico because of the student protests. Firechat is about to make its first attempt in the live entertainment sphere at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in India.

The only thing that could bother you is the lack of securtiy as the messages will be send uncoded.

Sounds good? Would you use this?

(More infos: Open Garden)