We sometimes break into the DVD and movie business when it comes to Dance related news or documentaries that might be interesting for you. Today we’re proud to present a movie for you that is called a cult classic and is surely no documentary: „It’s All Gone Pete Tong“ is a brilliant comedy from 2004 starring Paul Kaye as Frankie Wilde, Ibiza’s (fictional) most successful DJ and party animal No. 1 who loses his hearing and consequently also his ability to DJ, to party and to handle life in the right way. Trying to get a comeback on the Spanish island, Frankie Wilde is not only going through hilarious situations, but also meets various stars of the scene like (you guessed it) Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto and many more who contributed cameos to the film.

„It’s all gone Pete Tong“ is a great picture that you will enjoy for a good laugh. It earned several awards ( e.g. „Best Canadian Feature Film“ at the Toronto Film Festival) and is considered a real classic for the Dance scene.

The DVD is available tomorrow here!