What started in April this year with a short message that Soundcloud has been in talks with major companies about constant copyright infringements on their site has now become hard reality for all Soundcloud users. After taking down several accounts due to copyright claims (even big artists like Kaskade had their account closed), online magazine Do Androids Dance published an article last week that Soundcloud had the following reply on the request why a premium account holder’s channel had been taken down:

“Your uploads were removed directly by Universal. This means that SoundCloud had no control over it, and they don’t tell us which part of your upload was infringing. (…) The control of removing content is completely with Universal. This means I can’t tell you why they removed your uploads and not others, and you would really need to ask them that question.”

Which means that Soundcloud allows record companies to take down unauthorized music of their catalogue for themselves. The Berlin-based company is now under rapid fire from its user base and answered a request from online magazine Mixmag.net with the following statement:

„As a responsible hosting platform, we work hard to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected. In the case of rights holders, that means having processes in place to ensure that any content posted without authorisation is removed quickly and efficiently.

In the case of users, that means having separate processes in place to ensure that any content removed in error can be reinstated equally quickly. If any user believes that content has been removed in error – for example, because they had the necessary permissions from Universal Music and/or any other rights holder – then they are free to dispute the takedown.”

What do you think about this? Is Soundcloud still relevant for you?

(Sources: Do Androids Dance, Mixmag)