Besides commenting and trolling the electronic Dance world or driving EDM stars like Laidback Luke around the city for their coffee, Canadian producer Deadmau5 has found the time to reveal some serious news on his album…  And that doesn’t mean statements like „It will be worth the wait“ or something like that, no, REAL news.

Deadmau5 announced this weekend via his website that the album will be called „while(1<2)“, will be fully available June 17th with pre-ordering from iTunes available on May 20th. The 2-disc longplayer will contain 25 tracks which will hopefully attract all his fans as well as a new audience and even includes some radio-friendly stuff. The first single is called „Avarita“ which was already a part of his „Seven Deadly Sins“ Soundcloud package.

The title is a programming joke which means ‘to loop indefinitely’ or in this case listen to it indefinitely. With anticipation on this mammoth album growing everyday, it will be very interesting to hear his work for the past 2 years in full.

Do you look forward for this?