Well, it has been a bit quiet for a while when it comes to David Guetta news, but that can only mean that the French superstar is prepping up new singles, albums, videos, documentaries and more… Hopefully…

To start 2014, here’s a first sign of life and work: Guetta just released the teaser for a new single called „Shot Me Down“. The single will be released January 20th on Beatport via his own label Jack Back Records.

Let’s be honest: the teaser doesn’t make me that interested. Of course this will be a hit as it has David Guetta in the artist description, but it seems like an idea-less mixture of the classic Nancy Sinatra song from “Kill Bill” (we had that already several times) and „Animals“ / Knife Party’s „LRAD“ (well, we also had both more than enough over the past months). I expected a bit more, I think!

Judge for yourself: