March 2014 saw the release of „Dear Life“, the well-received vocal anthem by Dutch producer Dannic and Bright Lights. The track still has its spins here and there, but will definitely be revitalized by new mixes that will be out on September 8th.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good record, but the remixes could have been more creative, I think. It’s three times the same if you ask me: start with the main theme / vocals / break and then: Blasterz add a dirty synth to the main part, Lucky Date serve hectic sounds to the main part, Bassjackers fill the main part with typical festival sounds (the big kick with some synths over it). What about a Deep mix? A Housey mix? Or a Techno-influenced? Just a guess.

Hear it for yourself:

Out September 8th.

Which mix do you like the most?