As Klingande managed a brilliant No. 1 position in the German sales charts last week with their great single „Jubel“ (it currently sits at No. 2), WE ARE DANCE sat down with the French duo to talk about their background, the single and future plans.

WE ARE DANCE: Hi Klingande! First: congratulations for topping the German Sales Charts with your brilliant No. 1 single „Jubel“.  Also Top 20 in Austria, Top 5 in Switzerland and more. You must be very happy to see the development of „Jubel“…

KLINGANDE: Yes of course! It’s a great pleasure and a great feeling to see that our music touches so many people in these countries.

WE ARE DANCE: Is it right that „Jubel“ is your second single?

KLINGANDE: Yes, that’s correct. We first made „PUNGA“ which we released on Soundcloud in January. „Jubel“ came out two months after it first on Soundcloud and then we released the single officially. „Punga“ will come back in a few days in Germany.

WE ARE DANCE: Tell us something about your history and background: how did the project come together? What are your influences? And how did „Jubel“ get together? It really sounds like a summer single. Was it meant to be a summer hit?

KLINGANDE: We are friends since we are 10. Then Cedric took his own way and studied music producing in London. When he came back we spent time together and we saw that we had the same musical taste. That’s why we started making music together. Our influences are very large, from electronic music to pop music. We love some pop stuff like Coldplay as much as all these new sounds like Bakermat or Klangkarussell. Actually when we made „Jubel“, we wanted to bring some sun and a warm sound to the hearts of the people who will listen to it, and it appears that it worked pretty well.

WE ARE DANCE: Yes, indeed. I think that -with the current success- we can expect a Klingande-album in the near future. Is that right? What are your plans?

KLINGANDE: We are very focussed on the next singles, but of course we would love to release an album. For now we are just working hard, we will see what happens.

WE ARE DANCE: Is Klingande a studio project or more artist-based? Which means: are you already producing more music right now or are you busy touring the world as a live act?

KLINGANDE: We are trying to do both, we tour during the weekends and we produce during the week. It’s really hard because it’s tiring, but we love that and we still have our creativity.

WE ARE DANCE: „Jubel“ transfers a very light summer feeling. It kind of compares to other tracks like Klangkarrussell’s „Sonnentanz“ or Wankelmut’s Remix of Asaf Avidan’s „One Day / Reckoning Song“, all tracks that were massively successful in Europe. Do you think that this is a new wave of emotional and light House music that becomes successful as a contrast to the heavy EDM-sounds that are coming from BeNeLux and the US?

KLINGANDE: Yes we think that this is a new wave that people want. EDM stays really big of course, but sometimes people want something more emotional, more sweet and calm. We also want to share some love in another way than EDM. All of this makes the success of this new wave because you can listen to it in your car, in your house with friends, and when we play live, there is so much power and feelings with the audience, it’s amazing.

WE ARE DANCE: Thanks very much for the interview! And again: congratulations and good luck for the future!

KLINGANDE: Thank you very much, and thanks to all our German fans for their support.

You can buy „Jubel“ by Klingande here: