Former Dutch Electro House duo Bingo Players started their amazing career in 2006. With hits like “Rattle”, “Cry (Just A Little)”, “L’Amour” or “Buzzcut” under their belt, Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten took their unique sound around the world. “Knock You Out” is the first single after the loss of Paul Bäumer in late 2013 and another massive hit for the “new” Bingo Players. Adding a nice Hardwell Remix to the package, the single was a constant festival player and will still be heard all over summer 2014.

We sat down with Maarten Hoogstraten to speak about past and future of the Bingo Players, their imprint Hysteria Records, the “EDM bubble” and more.

WE ARE DANCE: Hi Maarten. First of all, what’s happening at the moment? Are you busy in the studio or touring the world?

BINGO PLAYERS: I just came back from a great US tour, including playing EDC Las Vegas. So now it’s time to relax and get back to the studio soon!

WAD: Your latest single „Knock You Out“ is out since mid April and just added a Hardwell Remix to the package. Can you tell us something about the track and the background of the lyrics? Did you start producing it with Paul before he passed or is it the first Bingo Players single that you worked on alone?

BP: Paul and I produced the track together before he got diagnosed with cancer. Sia wrote the vocals and when we heard it, we were in love with it. The lyrics are all about overcoming adversity.

WAD: Nice private story: I recently heard your 2011 hit „Cry (Just A Little)“ when sitting in a bar in Thailand on vacation. And I had a smile because obviously a lot has changed musically in the past 3 years if you compare recent records with this classic. Can you describe how your sound evolved?

BP: Well, this scene is evolving really fast. Records that sounded fresh a year ago can sound outdated now. It’s exciting to hear what’s next. Speaking for myself, I just make what I feel at that time. I recently did a remix of Gorgon City which was described by many fans as „the classic Bingo Players sound from a few years ago”. So you never know. As long as it feels good making it and playing it!

WAD: What’s new on Hysteria Records? We already have Bassjackers & MakJ’s „Derp“ and Tommy Trash’s „Lord Of The Trance“ in our playlists. What’s coming next?

BP: A lot of exciting new tracks. Upcoming is Carl Tricks’ “Rock On” which we have been playing since Ultra. We finally got a release date for it on Hysteria and it’s doing really well during the shows. After that, some big names which I will keep secret for now ;)

WAD: And a question that we always ask: what do you think of the so-called EDM world out there? Is it a bubble that’s destined to burst? Or the evolution of a musical genre that lasts for about 30 years now?

BP: So many thought the bubble would’ve burst a while ago, but up till now I only see more and more people coming to the clubs, festivals, etc. So no, I don’t think we’ve reached a peak yet, it will only become bigger!

WAD: Thanks for your time!


You can buy “Knock You Out” here! Get the Hardwell Remix here!

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