Daft Punk are fans of the movie „Close Encounters Of The Third Kind“. If you checked out their “Alive”-tour, you noticed that they included the main movie theme into their show.

It seems that the French robots are trying to get a new tour off the ground which would make it their first live tour since 2007. Unfortunately they chose the movie’s iconic landscape Devil’s Tower as location.


The US Parks Service now reacted on their request stating that

“(…) it has rejected a proposal by Daft Punk, an electronic music group renowned for elaborate live concerts, to host a show on private land adjacent to the Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming.
Reed Robinson, superintendent for Devils Tower National Monument, said (…) the park consulted with six Native American tribes about the proposal, all of which generally agreed that it would be a disrespectful use of one of the country’s most sacred Native American sites.”

As Robinson mentions in the article, Daft Punk’s representing agency ICM Partners appear to be scouting locations across the world for a concert or multiple concerts to be held around the summer.

So, the bad news is: we will not get the pleasure of a French re-creation of Steven Spielberg’s epic movie. The good news is: Daft Punk seems to prepare a tour!

What do you think?

(Source: Rapid City Journal. Devil’s Tower picture courtesy of BlackHillsAttractions.com)