Good times for Cosmic Gate fans around the world (and there are a lot of them, believe me). The German Trance addicts have not only started their tamwork with Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music, founded their own imprint Wake Your Mind Records, started their great radio show, delivered new singles all the way, but also prepared a new album that will be in stores June 27th. The longplayer is called “Start To Feel” and includes 14 amazing tracks, one of them being the new single „Falling Back“ with Eric Lumiere which we already reported on yesterday. Other collaborations include Emma Hewitt, Orjan Nilsen, Sarah Lynn and many more.

As Bossi explains in their press release: “Our overall aim is the long game (…) In the studio we want to create tracks with real life expectancy. We want to make ‘years-from-now’ music, where every time you come back to a track, you hear something new, something different, something more than you caught the last time. There are so many more moments and elements with which you can start to feel a track. We want to encourage people to experience electronic music in a deeper, wider, more complete way”.


01 Happyness
02 Falling Back (with Eric Lumiere)
03 Fair Game (with Ørjan Nilsen)
04 Alone (with Kristina Antuna)
05 No One Can Touch You Now (with Mike Schmid)
06 Telefunken (with Jerome Isma-Ae)
07 Run Away (with Eric Lumiere)
08 Going Home (with Emma Hewitt)
09 Sparks After The Sunset (with Sarah Lynn)
10 Yai
11 So Get Up
12 Try (with Jaren)
13 Start To Feel (with Cary Brothers)
14 Shine Forever (with Alexander Popov & Jannika)
15 Crushed
16 Tormenta (with KhoMha)
17 Falling Back (Radio Edit) (with Eric Lumiere) Bonus Track
18 All My Life (with Jonathan Mendelsohn) Bonus Track

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