Coldplay’s new album „Ghost Stories“ is slowly shaping up. The second single after “Magic” is on the way and it includes -again- loads of electronic elements (like their free download „Midnight“). Now, to make this clear: this comes as no surprise as Coldplay has eyed the electronic Dance scene several times before with great remixes (Fedde Le Grand and „Paradise“, anyone???) or collaborations (remembering „Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall“ and Swedish House Mafia). So the news about UK’s POP / Rock superstars teaming up with successful Dance artist Avicii is everything, but not surprising. I think of it as a logical progression the band has made and that has clearly shaped the forthcoming album.

OK, now let’s talk about the single: Coldplay’s „A Sky Full Of Stars“ is produced by Avicii and it has his fingerprints all over the place. From the emotional intro with Chris Martin’s nice, unique voice to the build-up to the melodic climax, this is Avicii at it’s best and it fits perfectly to the Coldplay style. A perfect example of crossing genres, but not harming the unique style of each party. Have a listen:

„Ghost Stories“ will be in stores May 19th.

I absolutely love this one. What about you?